What is barbie i can be cheerleader code?


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An example of a code would be XL2409R. This code can be accessed on the Barbie I can Be website. It is found by clicking on the question mark which is in an orange bubble to the right of the 'Got a Code?' bubble. Codes will also come on the packaging of Barbie products.

Icanbe.barbie.com is a website specifically designed for Barbie's biggest fans. You can watch games, play videos and win awards. The name 'I can be' is designed to inspire young girls to be ambitious and think about their future career. The games you can play include:
  • Data Diva
  • Good Morning Barbie
  • Kiddie Classroom
  • Pom Pom Squad
  • Halfpipe Pixie
  • Disco Ballroom
  • Presto Pizza
  • Years of Careers
  • Cakery Bakery
  • Splashin' Bash
  • Tutu Star
  • Fan-tastic Concert
  • Race Car Cutie
  • Little Critter Clinic
  • Ready, set check-up
  • Sugar Bug Blast
  • Super Wedding Stylist
  • Potty Race
The videos you can watch include:
  • Trapeze Artist Video
  • Kid Doctor Video
  • Pet Vet Video
  • Rock Star Video
  • Dentist Video
  • Ballerina Video
  • Babysitter Video
Barbie is a fashion doll that was first produced in 1958 by Ruth Handler. The doll now has many different personas to appeal to as many children as possible but the first Barbie wore a zebra-print swimsuit. Within the first year that Barbie was introduced, 350,000 dolls were sold and there are now 3 dolls sold every second. Barbie dolls are now sold in 150 countries.

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