What are some funny things to say to a fat girl who keeps being mean to me?


8 Answers

sharie grl Profile
sharie grl answered
You're so fat you get clothes in three sizes: Extra large, jumbo, and oh-my-god-it's-coming-towards-us!
jacob stephens Profile
jacob stephens answered
I think the rocky mountains just stepped in front of me oh wait that was just [insert girls name] the fat bitch
Viki Cashmore Profile
Viki Cashmore answered
You've got more roll backs than Asda.
marian Profile
marian answered
Oh know! The trucks going to back into us~ oh wait.. That was just (insert name)'s beeper
Adrian Masters Profile
Adrian Masters answered
Scare the daylights out of her. Smile and be extra nice to her. She will start to sweat wondering what you have planned.
John  Hamilton Profile
John Hamilton answered
I don't think you should stoop to her level and insult her back instead say that I am thin you are fat I have life and you don't'' this will get on her nerves..but I go against it...teasing proves you are a lowlife...
Lexi Mersino Profile
Lexi Mersino answered
Ignore her

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