Which French Impressionist Is Famous For His Paintings Of Ballet Dancers?


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That would be Edgar Degas - the French painter, sculpture, printmaker and artist.

Degas, who lived between 1834 and 1917, is often called an Impressionist, but he didn’t identify with the movement and instead thought of himself as a Realist painter.

Degas painted a wide range of subjects – from women at work to racehorses – but his paintings of dancers are the ones he’s best known for.

Degas’s Ballet Paintings

Edgar Degas liked to paint ballet dancers while they were backstage or rehearsing, and so his paintings often portray ballet as a serious profession rather than just a pretty spectacle. Some of his most famous ballet paintings include:

  • Mlle. Fiocre in the Ballet La Source (1868)
  • Ballet Rehearsal on Stage (1874)
  • The Ballet Instructor(1876)
  • Fin d'Arabesque (1877)
  • Dancer with a Bouquet of Flowers (Star of the Ballet) (1878)
  • Dancers at The Bar (1888)
Dancing was also the inspiration for several sculptures by Degas, the most famous of which is The Little Fourteen Year Old Dancer (1881).

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