Im 13 Years Old. I Weigh Around 160 Lbs. Im A Cheerleader So I Do Have Alot Of Muscles. Im Not Fat Just A Little Chubby. I Eat Healthy Most Of The Timee. What Can I Do To Help Me Loose Weight?


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Alright none of what I'm about to say is to hurt your feelings in any way... Your body mass index is around 31 which is considered obese. the healthy rate of weight loss is one pound a week and if you start now you will reach a healthy weight by june, 11 2011. To reach that goal your calorie intake should be around 1,500 calories a day.   I recently dropped over 20 lbs using this system. The idea is to eat 3 balanced meals of 300 calories for breakfast 300 calories for lunch and 500 calories for dinner leaving 400 calories for light snacks keep in mind that you can eat a lot of fruit as a snack and still have room for a 100 calorie chocolate bar.or two lol. A diet without snacks will be a failing diet because you will become overpowered by cravings and eat more. Less carbohydrates and sugar is the idea... Diet drinks help cut back on a lot of calories considering most regular cokes are around 150 calories a can, which if you drink more than one you drank most of your calorie intake and the goal is to get the calories from healthy foods. Keep in mind that a hotog without a bun is not lunch if you don't eat enough your body will loose muscle and have a higher percent of fat. You are young the idea is to eat healthier foods not starve yourself or diet.
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.,you must have self discipline on your eating habit,then exercise will help you,drink atleast 2 glasses of water before eating.

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