What Are The Moral Lessons In The Lightning Thief?


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As this is more than likely a homework question it is really best for you to read the whole book and then decide what you think the moral lessons may be.

A lot of the appeal of books and especially novels is that every person can take their own interpretation away. Therefore you should not be afraid of being 'wrong' with any assumptions you make about the moral lessons in the book.

If you can justify your thoughts and opinions then you are sure to get a good grade, even if they are not the standard answers.

When you are reading the book you should always have in mind the questions you need to answer on it. Therefore you need to be on the lookout for moral lessons throughout the book, rather than just trying to remember them after you've finished.

It is always handy to have a pencil and paper with you. That way you are able to write down any notes and can even highlight them in the book if it is your own personal copy.

Some themes that are said to be running through 'The Lightning Thief' are as follows:

  • Isolation
  • Love
  • Family
  • Identity
  • Versions of reality
  • Deceit and betrayal
If you are struggling to see the moral lessons, then it is best to ask your tutor for some help. They may explain their views on the book and seeing it from a different angle may help you understand.

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