Write A Speech On"water Borne Diseases , A Threat To Be Delivered On The Occasion Of World Health Day?


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A speech on waterborne diseases would differ depending on context and audience but there are certainly many helpful tips in writing a speech. The first step in writing a good speech is to know the subject well, and what pieces of the subject you want to pick out and convey to the people you are talking to. For example, in the case of waterborne diseases it might be appropriate to include the different types, for example bacteria, viruses or intestinal parasites and how they can be transmitted into the body through drinking the affected water.

It might then be appropriate to talk about the symptoms such as diarrhea or vomiting and the severity of illness that waterborne diseases can cause. After this you could talk about the occasion ahead (World Health Day) and the importance of the day itself in highlighting such an important health issue.

A conclusion to your speech will be needed, something that will challenge or provoke thought at you end your speech. The World Health Organization states that 2 million people a year die from waterborne diseases and billions more fall ill from infected water (, this might be a statistic that will help with your argument that more needs to be done on the eve of World Health Day to give everyone in the world access to clean, safe water.

By ending on this statistic you could state that, although much has been done over the last few years to ensure clean water becomes widely available, there is a big need to continue in this endeavor, as these deaths can be prevented. This is a strong conclusion and will leave a message as you sit down. Citing the World Health Organization puts weight behind your argument, along with the fact that no-one will disagree that this is an important topic. It may be worth thanking people for the opportunity to speak as you end.

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