Copyright Law Allows For Which Of The Following? A. Borrowing Image Files From A Web Site For Your Own Web Site. B. Photocopying Several Copies Of A Chapter From Your Textbook. C Copying A Quotation From An Electronic Journal To Use In Your Research


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option D) Making a copy of a three-page journal article to use in researching your research paper

A) If you borrow image file from a website for your own website then it depends that they copyrighted or not.
B) Photocopying several copies of a chapter from your textbook depends what you are doing with the copies and how long the chapter is.
C) You can't copy a quotation from an electronic journal to use in your research.
D) Is legal.
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Put it in your credentials, don't copy word for word unless you have hyphens. Copyright protects the individual from being used and not payed for there work.
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