Who Sculptered The Work Of A 54 Meter Wingspan At Gateshall?


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It seems highly likely that you are in fact referring to Gateshead rather than Gateshall, as Gateshead is home to the Angel of the North sculpture which features a 54 meter wingspan. The model was sculptured and produced by the contemporary artist Antony Gormley. The Angel of the North is an icon of northeastern England, located on the southern side of Low Fell. It can be seen from the A1 and A167 roads heading into Tyneside.

  • The Angle of the North: An architectural work

The Angle of the North stands 20 meters tall and its wings span a distance of 54 meters. Upon viewing the model, it seems the wings are planar, but in fact they are tilted slightly forwards at an angle of 3.5 degrees. The artist designed it to be like this because he wanted to create a sense of embracement to those viewing the sculpture. It could appear to be welcoming those travelling into Tyneside. The Angel of the North is made of steel, although its foundations feature 600 tonnes of concrete. It cost around one million British pounds to build, and was funded for the most part by the Lottery fund.

  • The sculpture's legacy

Nowadays, the Angel of the North is one of the UK's most prominent landmarks. It is regularly seen on television programs such as the News representing the area of the Northeast, as well as in many books and tourist catalogues. Of course, at the time of its erection there was some opposition to the building of it, due to the funds that would be needed. Some politicians claimed these funds would be better spent elsewhere; despite this, the plans for the Angel of the North went on ahead and it is likely to remain an icon for decades more.

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