2. You Need A Job For Three Months In The Summer, And You Have Seen An Advertisement In A Newspaper About A Temporary Job A Tourist Guide In Your Town Or City. Write A Letter Applying For The Post?


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You shouldn't apply for a job that you're not qualified unless it states that they will train you. Do you know the history of your town? All the important landmarks? Funny anecdotes about them? If you don't you won't make much money (as a tour guide) and even less in tips.
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Wow! That would be great to work as a guide in my city. I know a lot about its history. I would write about my experience, skills and knowledge. I think I am friendly enough to get that job. I also like communication. I think I will try to find such an offer on https://jooble.org/jobs/Bellevue%2C-WA.

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