My Turkish Friend Wants To Visit The UK Were Do You Get A Letter Of Invitation?


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Your friend will have to obtain a letter of invitation from an official organization, a relative, or from a friend. While there is no set format for these letters, there is some very important background information that must always be included. For example, the letter writer will have to clearly indicate the visitor's name, date of birth and passport number. The writer must also explain his/her relationship with the visitor, the purpose of their visit to the United Kingdom and the duration of their stay. It is also important to clarify whether the letter writer is a UK citizen and passport holder, a landed immigrant or someone on a long-term working or student visa.
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CAN YOU TELL ME PLEASE WHERE SOULD I send this kind of invitation cause i'am in the same situation as the person below, I want to invite on of my friend here in UK.

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