Do You Like High School Musical?


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I'm not sure if this is the one you want me to answer but if it is then my answer is no.
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They seem to be over doing it a bit, but it is cute. I am just worried what kind of role models they will be when they are of age to party hard.
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No, It's cheesy!!!
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Hey cheesy is great!  We need more feel good, wholesome, fun, singing and dancing!  I have grandkids so I have seen High School Musical one and two at least a hundred times.  Even the five your old knows all the songs and all the dance routines.  How many things are there that a five year old girl, a ten year old boy, a thirteen year old girl and a hot sixteen year old girl can sit down and enjoy with their grandmother?
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I am a big fan of musicals, especially ones with teenagers in them (because I can relate to them more), but High School Musical just didn't do it for me. It came across as being  cheesy and glammed up, not like a real high school. I think Disney is pushing it by making a third one: Senior Year, but it's even worse that they're making a High School Musical 4: College Years. I just find it a bit sad...
(^_^) Nadene

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Ok the 1st movie I could handle because my lil brother LOVES the movies so I use to look at it with him and sing all the songs (yes I know the songs) THEN the second one came out and I'm like okkkkkk I know those songs to...but they about to graduate come on now I'm getting tired of it...but if my lil brother likes it I guess imma have to see that movie to...because WE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!
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I luv luv luv luv luv luv luv luv luv luv luv luv it
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I love it... And I'm dying to see the third one (HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: SENIOR YEAR). :]
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taylor holland
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I loved HSM...but the second one and third one were a little much...
I just watched them cause zac efron is !!(HOT)!!
Gabby Umanza
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I know!!! I am the only one in my class who likes HSM!
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I am not a big fan of High school musical just because they keep making more and more of them. I do not like watch something like that over and over again.
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I don't like it very much. I am curious to see how the third one turns out, but I think it's quite a bit overrated.
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At first I liked the first one. Then one the second one it sucked. But I'm curious about the third one. But I think that they are all over doing it a bit.
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I LOVE HSM- esp. # 3.  They are great.  # 3 is the best -the music and choreography are fabulous.  And the new character Jimmy the rocket is so great in that when he came out on stage with Sharpay it was awesome.
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I think High School Musical is cute, but they're definitely overdoing it. It isn't very realistic, but its fun to watch when your sitting in front of the TV, eating popcorn with your mates.
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UH Duuh! It's like the best movie in the century apart from 17 again! Zac Efron is HAWT! He's soo cute!

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