What Is Appropriate Wording On An Invitation For A Charity Donation Rather Than Gift For A 50th Anniversary Party?


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"We would appreciate a charity donation over a gift for our 50th Anniversary Celebration" can be how you phrase the invitation.

  • Simple statement
A simple statement like the one above can be used on the invitation to indicate that you would rather your charity earn a donation for the 50 years you have been married, open, or what have you. It all depends on the 50th anniversary. Given that gifts were mentioned chances are this question is about a marriage anniversary of 50 years. It means you would want to use something that makes it known that you want a charity to receive funds rather than getting a gift.

  • Details of the charity
Since you are asking for a charity donation, it is better for you to add in more detail after the initial request. You have the right to request anything you want for your anniversary. By making the request, those who would normally assume a gift is what you want, are made aware of what you really desire.

Furthermore, since you are asking for a charity donation it is best to give details of the charity. You cannot ask for someone to make a donation to some charity they have never heard of.

Provide a bit of background regarding the history and what type of charity it is. You may also include a story of why you have chosen this charity such as an issue in your family that makes it important or just because you feel it is a viable charity.

The more you share, the more confidence others have in that charity and the more willing they are to make a donation. You can also request the donations to be anonymous if you do not want to make others feel uncomfortable.

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Dear lanadee answered
In Lieu of a gift, our parents ( or their names ) request that a donation be made to ( name of
organization ) in their honor, to help research the rare metabolic disorder of
( name of grand child).   We wish to thank you in advance for your

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