Describe The Colors Red, Blue And Yellow To A Blind Man?


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This is a tough job but let me try. :)

The blind man can not see things he only feels, same is the case with colors. He can not see colors but can differentiate with the help of sensing and feeling it. As red color is associated with hot, heat and fire so I will ask him to sit beside a fire and feel the heat.  Blue denotes calm, peace, fresh and serene so for that I will take him for a therapeutic massage or I will ask him to take a shower. That will give him refreshing feeling.  As far as yellow is concern, it is a sign of joy and fun so I will take him to a playground on a sunny day. White represents Cold and sterile, for that I will open the freezer door and ask him to stand in front of it.

I hope the above method might help you.
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To say red say color of blood blue is the colour of the sky yellow is the color of banana

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