How Do I Stop The Thread From Bunching Up On The Bottom Of The Material, So I Can Sew?


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In most cases, the thread has not been passed through the upper tension properly. If it bunches on the bottom, make sure the thread is pulled well into the upper tension disks (thread with the presser foot up so the tension disks will be open when threading). Also, you could make sure tension is set properly. Turn up the tension if thread bunches on the bottom of fabric. Try different tension settings to get a balance where stitches are about the same on the top and the bottom. You want upper tension tight enough so that the top thread pulls the bobbin thread up to meet and loop together making a good stitch.
Rarely would you need to ever adjust bobbin tension. Tension on thread is controlled by upper tension threading. This is true for all makes.
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Check the tension on your bobbin.  You need to change your tension to match the thickness and coarseness of the material you are sewing.  Since many projects require similar tensions on the spool and the bobbin it is easy to forget to keep theses tensions correct.
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Just use a different sort of wool or sew slowly and carefully
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My mom has had that problem many times, you need to adjust the tension.
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Try better thread a nylon blend less fraying.....or a waxed thread if they still make it helps the thread slide through the material easier...

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