What's The Best Way To Advertise A Painting Company?


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Irrespective of how you choose to promote a new painting company, you need to focus on images. Even if the saying is not always true, an image - hopefully high-res images - is worth 1,000 words in this particular case.

Basically, painting companies should advertise three specific things: Colour accuracy and diversity; good price offers; and persistence of materials in time. If your business plan has considered these three aspects, you’re already heading the right direction because you can offer excellent services without sacrificing quality.

You have many marketing techniques at hand to advertise a painting company, but you should see it as a two-step process. First, offline marketing solutions are extremely important to ensure relevance and visibility in your area. Flyers, ads in local newspapers, special promotions with exquisite pictures are all of great help. You can even use cold calling until people come to know who you are and what you sell.

Then, you should focus on online marketing. Apart from being cheaper than the traditional marketing methods, it has no real limits. With very few money, you can reach a high level of importance and authority in your niche. In general, this implies following the steps below:

- Create a website. Upload images to show your previous work and write articles directly related to the products and services you offer.
- Optimize your website. If you don’t know how to do this yourself (it’s much more complicated than it seems), hire a professional company.
- Create social media profiles and establish connections with potential clients.
- Create a blog and post articles regularly to ensure traffic and visibility. Use forums and other blogs to promote your business even further.

Due to its profile, a painting company needs local prominence, so you should optimize your online presence for your location. Even if you don’t see immediate results, this is the best way at the moment to optimize the advertising campaign of a painting company.
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Who are your ideal customers?

Once you answer that question, you'll need to find the ways to tap into that market.

Online, there's social media, paid marketing like pay per click, Facebook Ads, etc...

You'll want to keep in mind your budget when you decide your marketing plan of action.

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Markets to Target

Before you begin designing advertisements to promote your small painting business, take some time to pinpoint the market you want to reach. While both businesses and homeowners may seek your painting skills, identify if you want to serve both groups, or if you want to focus on a niche. For example, you can promote yourself as the painter for parents and parents-to-be, specializing in painting nurseries, playrooms and kid furniture; or you can position yourself as a painter who spruces up small businesses to help owners attract more clients. You could also specialize in faux, decorative or eco-friendly painting services.

While general services painting may give you access to a larger clientele, specializing and using your advertisements to promote your specialty can help position you as a trusted expert in a particular painting niche.

Types of Advertisements

There are many types of advertisements you can choose to market your small painting business; many you will have to pay for, but others are no-cost. You can place flyers under residents' car windshields or put door knob tags at residences if you are targeting homeowners.

Local print publications, such as magazines, newspapers, and newsletters that cover home repair and beautification topics, may also offer advertising space. You can also purchase advertising space on blogs, and in email newsletters, that feature content on interior design, home improvement and buying a home. These sites may allow banner, text or video advertisements. Internet radio stations that reach your target geographical area and feature topics on home improvement are also an option you can pursue.

Area business associations may provide advertising opportunities through their online directories, websites and email communications if you sign up to become a member. Free classifieds sites that can be tailored to local areas, such as Craigslist, Backpage, and Thumbtack, are also viable advertising options for your small painting business.

Create website or blog of your business and start advertising it. Use ofbest SEO tools for creating and marketing of the business results well.

Benefits to Focus On

Your small painting business advertisements have to stress the benefits of using your services instead of your competitors. If you have been in business for a substantial number of years, or have several years of experience working as a painter for another company, include this information. It adds credibility to your business and shows your expertise.

Customers want to hire a painter who understands how to do the job right the first time. If you offer specialty services, such as faux or decorative painting, include this information in your advertisement. If you consistently provide your customers with better quality work -- at a lower cost -- include this in your advertisement for customers who are looking for affordable painting services.

When you place full-page or half-page advertisements or use video marketing to promote your painting services, ensure that you use before and after photographs so that customers can actually see how you can transform a home or business.

Adding Testimonials

Satisfied customers typically have a lot to say about the painting vendors they use. Ask your customers to provide you with testimonials you can include on your website and in advertisements. Testimonials that focus on your reliability, affordable prices, talent, attention to detail and customer service can help your painting business attract clients.

Important Information to Include

Each of your advertisements should include essential contact information. Potential customers need to know your phone number and email address so that they can contact you for more information and to schedule an appointment. Provide your website address so that they can take a look at before and after pictures of your various painting projects and read customer testimonials.

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If they are actually good at what they do word of mouth gets it done pretty fast and at first they can advertise for free on craigslist.com. Then start advertising on local TV, billboards, on the web ect... Eventually branching out and going big.

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