Describe Mr. Wilson And Myrtle. Do They Seem To Fit Into The Setting?


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This couple appear in chapter 2 of The Great Gatsby. They do fit into the setting as they are a loud and unpleasant pair, which goes with the atmosphere of the party and the depressing environment. For a more detailed analysis of this chapter you could have a look at Sparknotes which has summaries of the whole book and character studies as well.
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George B. Wilson and his wife, Myrtle Wilson are characters in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby.  The novel was published April 10, 1925 and is set in Long Island and in New York in 1922.  Mr Wilson is a mechanic who owns a garage and Myrtle is his wife and also Tom Buchanan's mistress.  Whether or not these characters fit into the setting (presumably of the novel?) is a matter of opinion.  They are both passionate in their own ways and both meet with tragedy by the book's conclusion.  The book's narrator, Nick, is observing a different set of people to what he has experienced before and both George and Myrtle contribute to the drama and the flaws in human nature that has informed Nick by the end of the story.

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