How Does The Dog Compare To The Sea By James Reeves?


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J.Reeves has successfully used the dog metaphor to elicit the behaviors of the sea at many occasions. The poet compares the different behaviors of the dog at different moods with the sea. The first stanza shows the begining of the violence due to the hungry nature of the dog which metaphoricaly depicts the sea waves turning out to be heavy and rough. The second stanza shows the waves quickening and becoming more rough due to the enviromental change, thereby the dog is so hungry and angry that it is ready to eat anything it finds. While the third stanza depicting the total calmness and quietness of the sea which means that the dog, after undergoing all these it becomes tired and falls asleep where it has neither the strength to snore. Therefore it shows how successful is the dog metaphor to the different moods of the sea.
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James Reeves at many points in the poem compare the dog with the sea. Like for example in first stanza he is comparing the dog with the sea and later with the same connection which he established earlier; the poet compare the hungry dog with the sea in the second stanza. In third stanza he compared the stormy sea with the hyperactive dog who is uncontrollable. In fourth stanza he is comparing the silent sea with the way dog sleeps.
now read the poem again

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The poet compares sea to a dog in different moods.The Sea, by James Reeves, basically talks about how the sea is similar to a dog in many occasions. He says that sea is a hungry dog he eats what ever comes in. He says that sea is like uncontrollable dog but at night he is very calm and sleepy.
He compared sea and dog as "giant and Grey". A dog rolling over the beach, similar to the sea serenely lapping on the sandy shore. At night the sea is sleepy and snores like a dog resting. So the basic theme of the poem is how a sea is similar to a dog according to his look and behaviors.
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