Could You Please List Some Old English Quotes Or Sayings Here?


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Yes, I can ,for example every coin has two sides.
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Now, do you mean real Old English, or do you mean stuff spelled ye olde fashioned way (which is actually Modern English)?
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Any Person Who Represents Himself Has A Fool For A Client.. A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush.. The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side..  Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You..  And Ye Sow And Ye Shall Reap... Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Are Hatched.. An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away .. Especially If He's Doctor House Or Doctor Bradley That Depraved Pediatrician.. What Does The "Bird In The Hand" One Mean? I Never Understood That One
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Very good. Don't forget an onion a day keeps everyone away. Ask me no stories I'll tell you no lies. I like polish food except for Garagekeys. Remember when you point your finger at someone, you have 3 fingers pointing back at you. Now, I'm just being stupid.
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Did you mean "A bird in the hand is worth more than 2 in a bush?. That means be satisfied with the bird in your hand, chances are you won't get the 2 in the bush. So be content with the bird in your hand.
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If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.~~~Oscar Wilde~~~

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Something old, something new, Something borrowed, something blue.

He that fights and runs away will live to fight another day.
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A friend in need is a friend indeed...a bird in hand is worth then two birds in the bush... If you need some more do tell! =)
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Oh I guess these could add to it!
1- cheerio
2- oh mami.
3- don't let your whiskey hit the wind.
4- don't lat your faggots get to you.
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All the quotes of Shakespeare are Old English Quotes.

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.
Better a witty fool than a foolish wit.
Everyone ought to bear patiently the results of his own conduct.
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"Please help me mount this. This is the last request I shall make of you."

-mary,queen of scots, upon her execution in 1587

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