What Is The Correct Way To Apply Latex Enamel Over Oil Based Enamel?


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You can apply a primer made especially for cabinets, then apply your paint over top of the primer.
I would use an acrylic based paint instead. It is more durable than latex paint on cabinets and will not peel or wear off from normal use.
If you paint over an oil based paint with latex, without priming, it will not stick and will absolutely let go and peel off.
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Most of the people suggest that do not do this, however, one thing you can do is to give the surface a light sand. After that clean the surface from the extra dust and dirt and now coat it with the Latex enamel. Always wear a mask, so that you may not inhale the dust.
Have fun!

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The contractor painted our shed with oil paint. In Florida, exterior oil paint molds and mildews. I can't sand
the entire shed to repaint with latex. Help!

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