Poem: I'm Hiding, I'm Hiding And No One Knows Where. For All They Can See Is My Toes And My Hair. What's The Poem?


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Actually it's a nursery Rhyme and it goes like this...
I'm hiding, I'm hiding and no one knows where, for all they can see is my toes and my hair. And I just heard my father say to my mother, "But, darling, he must be somewhere or other. Have you looked in the Inkwell?" And Mother said, "Where?" "In the Inkwell," said Father, but I was not there. Then, "Wait!" cried my mother, "I think that I see him under the carpet," but it was not me. "Inside the mirror's a pretty good place," said Father and looked but saw only his face. "We've hunted," sighed Mother, "as hard as we could, and I'm so afraid that we've lost him for good." Then I laughed aloud and wiggled my toes, and Father said, "Look, dear, I wonder if those toes could be Benny's. There are ten of them, see?" And they were so surprised to find out it was me. *Poem - And No One Knows Where - By: Dorothy Aldis

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