How Do You Shrink Nylon?


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If the nylon is pure then it will be harder to shrink the material. However, if it is made up of other fibers it will be easier to stretch. But, if it is pure nylon then attempting to shrink it may cause the fabric to stretch and go misshapen so you need to be sure you want to shrink them and make the solid decision before starting. The best way to shrink a fabric is with the hot wash/drying technique. Many people ask can you put nylon in the dryer, and the answer is yes but you need to be careful as it is prone to shrink if the dryer is on too high a temperature or for too long. So, follow the instructions below and you should hopefully end up with shrunken nylon:

  1. Wash the pants in hot water. If you want to make sure the color doesn't run then add 1/2 a cup of ammonia to stop color fade.
  2. After the pants have been washed put them in the dryer on a medium high heat. Make sure you leave it on for an extra 10 minutes after the pants have dried.
  3. If the pants have not shrunk enough then repeat steps one and two until you have your desired size of pants.
So, if done with care it is possible to shrink nylon clothes. You just need to be careful with the dryer as it needs to be on a medium heat otherwise the nylon will most likely stretch out of shape rather than shrink.
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I don't think you can.  I tried to do that with a pair of my tights and all it did was made them loose and not nearly as soft.
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You can't shrink nylon, unfortunately, and putting it in the dryer will only make them lose their elasticity and make them baggy.

Your only other options are to get some new ones or give them to someone else in exchange for a smaller size. Nothing else you can really do. Sorry!
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Try this.

Nail the nylon pants to a board. Put the board,pants side down, on a propane grill on low to medium heat. Now stare at the board for a little while. If the pants start to burn throw a little diesel on them to keep them moist.

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