Identify At Least Three Types Of Graphic Or Visual Elements That Can Be Added To Technical Communications. What Must A Technical Writer Consider In Order To Use These Elements Effectively?


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A picture speaks more than a thousands words. For example representing a technical process using a flow diagram versus a lengthy narrative is easier to understand. It also helps in establishing a common understanding since people can interpret the same word differently.
There is less room for ambiguity in lots of cases if visuals are used effectively.
Concepts can be better explained with graphics than with words.
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The three types of graphic or visual elements that can be added to technical communications are pie charts, line graphs and slides. The benefits of these three things is that they can make the documents less confusing since visuals tend to help with understanding things better and more people understand what the presentation is about than just reading words after words on a document that may seem like a bore.

A technical writer must consider what visuals to keep in his/her document, should it be long or short, and to not have too many visuals. Too many visuals or too much information could throw the reader off making them more confuse, etc. Also, what is the age of the audience and level of understanding.

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