How Do I Write A Thank You To Someone Who Invited Me To Spend The Day At The Beach And Took Me Out To Dinner?


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Well a thank you letter should have the following format
Friend Name
Dear Friend,
Memories are very worthy and the memories which you have given me through your invitation and time are always unforgettable for me. Thank you very much for spending such a nice time with me. The time which I have spent with you brings the most beautiful and the memorable moments in my life. Please accept my heartiest thanks for your sincerity and hospitality for me.
Thank you so much,
Your Name


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Dear whatever there name is,
The day you went(monday, tuesday, ect...) was great.
It was very generous of you to invite me to such a fine day and dinner.
(Here would be a great place to bring up a funny or memorable moment)
Thank you for your hospitality. It was great to see you guise!

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