Did Rembrandt Have Brothers And Sisters?


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Rembrandt, born in 1606, was his parents eighth child. It is believed that his parents had ten children, two of them died very young. His maternal grandfather was a baker and his father served as a miller. They were brought up in the town of Leiden which at the time was buzzing with cultural and intellectual activities of all sorts.

His parents were regular middle class citizens but made sure that their children got the best education at the Latin School in Leiden. By the year 1622, it is believed that Rembrandt was still residing with his parents and siblings, namely, Lysbeth, Machtelt, Cornelis and Gerrit. While two of his brothers Willen and Adriaen no longer lived with the family. A data sheet also suggests that by the year 1640, 4 of the siblings were still around, but doesn't mention what happened to the others.

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