Can Anyone Share With Me Your View/opinion/solution Or Answers For "The Pert Mustang" Case Study From Operation Management Text Book?


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PERT stands for Project Evaluation and Review Technique, and is a model of project management that is designed to ascertain the tasks that will be needed to complete a project. 

The most important element is normally time, as once it has been identified how long the tasks will take to complete, then they can be worked around the time needed and split up to complete the task as a whole.

PERT is normally applied to large projects that will take a considerable amount of time. An example of PERT is when a country is awarded the honor of hosting the Olympic games. The country will have a few years between the announcement of the award and the actual event. This time should then be managed and different projects will fall under the whole project, which will need to be managed using evaluation and review techniques throughout, to ascertain the progress that is being made on the project.

In the Mustang case, PERT can be used as there are 22 different processes that are to be completed to enable the owner of RASAS to start her advertising campaign using the 1965 Shelby Mustang. 

The planning stage of PERT is as essential as the execution, as if different aspects of the tasks that need to be completed are not planned correctly, then execution itself will be difficult. 

There are a number of steps that should always be taken into account when using PERT, these are:
  • Define the tasks that need to be carried out
  • Place the tasks in the order they need to be carried out
  • Assign time and costs to each task, and be sure to stick to them
  • Plan, monitor and control the project by reviewing it constantly

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