What Are The Questions On The AR Test Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix?


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It is impossible to give you the questions on the AR test for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix because they can change. There is a site that can give you an idea of the kinds of questions that can be used so looking at those could be a great way of studying for the test: www.lauracandler.com/filecabinet/literacy/ar/harryp5.pdf

The Accelerated Reader test for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will give you a maximum of 44 points (providing you get all of the answers right!), so you really need to read the book if you want to do well in the test.

The purpose of these tests is to test for basic reading comprehension, so if someone were to give you the actual questions, and you cheated, you would really be setting yourself up for a fall in the future because your teacher will believe that you are a better reader than perhaps you really are. This could mean that you will be given books that are too difficult for you to handle and so you will fail future tests.

The Accelerated Reader program has been designed to make sure that every student has access to effective reading practice, while at the same time making it personalized for each individual’s level and ability. The software will enable students to undertake three different reading activities: Reading to; reading with; and reading independently.

Each student will then be assessed in four separate areas: Reading practice; literacy skills; vocabulary skills; and textbook quizzes. The purpose of the program is to make sure that every child develops a love of reading and learning, which will enable them to have a thorough grounding at every educational level. It is essential, therefore, that you choose the books that are within your learning range and actually read them for yourself.

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