On FanFiction.net Does Anyone Know How I Can Get My Bookmark Button Back?It's Disappeared On Me


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"News: October 27th, 2009 -- Storymarks, our fanfiction bookmarking feature, has returned. We disabled the feature more than a week ago due to inconsistent operation reported by many users. We have since redesigned the feature internally to make it compatible with more web browsers. As always, please report any issues to ..." - fanfiction.com
I think you should recheck your account they have redesigned the feature if it is not still working then contact them through their email given on the site..
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Sam Gross
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Did they move the bookmark or is it in the same place?
Phil Boswell
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I have asked several times via email and received no reply. For some bizarre reason, I can only see the bookmark link+icon on the "Ad Blocker" page, nowhere else. This happens on Chrome and IE8, and I am totally confused.
Ady Mat
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You should try mozilla firefox, netscape or flock browsers.

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