What Color Matches Purple?


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Purple is a pretty versatile color - it can match up with almost anything if you combine the right shades.

If you want to play it safe, black or grey would be the obvious options, although purple can also complement red, or even a dark green like pine.

What colors match purple?

Purple is quite a rich color. It might not be the brightest or the boldest, but it certainly adds character wherever it's used.

If you're thinking of wearing a purple item of clothing (for example, a purple shirt) then perhaps choosing a more neutral color for the trousers would work well.

Black, grey or denim would suit purple nicely, and you can always add a third, more-adventurous color (like pink or blue) with some sort of accessory, like a tie perhaps.

If you're thinking of the color purple in terms of interior design or furniture, then you may be able to get away with a bit more contrast.

Personally, I find purple works really well with colors like teal, burgundy, and crimson.
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Black or silver. Although white's not a color, it will look good with that too.
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Black, ivory, silver, somewhat for white, and not so much for green.

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