What Is King Arthur's Full Speech At The End Of The Play 'Camelot?'


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Arthur knights the boy, Tom, after Tom tells the king that he knows all the glorious tales of the King and his Round Table.  Arthur commands the boy he must return home tell everyone loud and clear the stories of Camelot.

King Peillinor:  "Arthur, what are you  doing?  You have a battle to fight!”

King Arthur:  “I have won my battle Pelli.  What we did, will be remembered.  [To Tom]:  Now run Sir Tom, behind the lines”

The boy runs in the smoky early light through the knights preparing to fight

King Pellinor:  “Arthur, who was that? “

King Arthur: “One of what we all are Pelli.  Less than a drop in the great blue motion of the sunlit sea. But, it seems that some of the drops sparkle, Pelli. Some of them do sparkle. [To Tom]:  Run Boy! Run boy! Run! Oh, run, my boy.”
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Camelot is a very famous movie about king Arthur. Camelot was the name of his castle.  Here is the link from where you can get the full text of the speech of King Arthur:

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