Limestone & Granite Which Is Harder To Sculpt?


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Limestone is a much softer stone than granite, so granite is harder to sculpt.  Of course, with the harder stone comes the ability to sculpt much more detailed carvings.  Where limestone will simply disintegrate beneath a chisel when fine work is involved, granite will hold together.  So if you’re planning on finely-detailed carvings, limestone can actually be harder – as in, more difficult to work with – than granite.  But for hardness of stone, very few stones beat granite.

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Granite is like well hard like, so its like well hard to sculpt like isn't it! But yeah, limestone is bad when you are doing like well fine details isn't it!
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Limestone because of its mineral property, which is composed of mainly
calcite which is weaker than granite and the minerals it usually is
made up of, quartz, feldspar, mica.
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Both are very hard to sculpt but limestone will be harder b/c of layers and the substance in it.  did you know limestone turns into marble in time? Granite stays granite no matter the time past.
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Lime stone is soft and brittle , but granite is strong and hard to carve
I think granite is hard to sculpt
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Granite is more harder to sculpt. And it is more expensive as well.
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I agree that granite is harder to sculpt than Limestone. Limestone can easily be cut into any shape.

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People in ancient times "tamed" natural stone, and the development of technology made it possible to create jewelry, sculptures, building materials from it. Stone carving machine and various accessories make the process more accurate and convenient. But what about a person who decides to do stone carving at home? First of all, you need to choose the material for work, purchase tools and learn safety rules.

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Limestone is considered soft for sculpting work it is more used in cement plants and Granite goes well with sculpting as it is harder in nature and is used for flooring purposes as well.

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