Which One Of The Following Incidents Is An Example Of Exposition?


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It is rather difficult to answer the question that you have submitted because you have listed any incidents to choose from. Instead, below is an explanation of what exposition is and how it can be used in writing.

  • In Literature
In literature, an exposition is usually explained in the first chapter or so of the book. It explains to the readers, who the main characters are, possibly some information on their back stories, the setting of the story (real life city or not?), any themes of the book and how the story is going to begin. This can explain why, in sequel novels, there always appears to be a short summary of the events of the last book and a re-introduction to the characters. This acts as a sort of 'catch-up' for new readers or to refresh a reader's memory.

The exposition at the start of a story can often be the essential part as they can explain all about the characters, their personality and their past so that the reader can connect with them.

Although expositions may often contain back stories of characters or some information about their history before the events depicted in the book, the exposition at the start of the novel may not give away everything about that character. This is often part of the storyline and the author's intention is probably to keep you guessing until such a time arises that that particular aspect of a character needs to be revealed.

An exposition will not be blatantly stated for you at the start of the novel with a sub heading. It will be woven in as part of the storyline and may sometimes be difficult to identify if you are studying the book. An exposition is often a lot easier to identify if the novel is written in the first person.

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