What Does The Raven In Poe's Poem Symbolize?


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It represents the darkest secrets and our conscience. Our Id... Yet it can also represent death of free will. See our conscience is based on how we feal or what we feal is right and wrong, however sometimes it is society that dreams what is right and wrong. And yet there is the moral problem, who are you to dream what is right or wrong for another..... The raven is a representation of our raping of the human spirit and free will and the guilt it leaves behind
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The raven in Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Raven" represents mournful and never-ending remembrance of his dead wife, Lonore
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The sorry in thinking about imminent death. You can't run from the agony and sorry of it no matter how much you try to enjoy life. But I beg to differ. Poe's prospective lacks any sense of spirituality beyond mere human comprehension and physical expression and therefore, is limited and incorrect in its entire premise. God's love and salvation is the enlightenment he seeks and never finds because he never chooses the path of Faith.

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