Which Color Absorbs The Most Heat?


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Black absorbs more heat.
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Actually, darker colors are better absorbers of light and
thereby become better radiators or absorbers of heat. Thus, black absorbs the
most heat. There is an explanation below if you would like details; 

Consider the following:

The color of an object depends on the wavelengths of colors reflected from the

object. A red apple is red because red wavelengths in white light are

reflected and other wavelengths are absorbed. In fact, if a red apple were to

illuminated by light that had no red wavelengths, the apple would appear

almost black.

When a black object is illuminated by white light, all wavelengths are absorbed

and none are reflected -- that's why the object appears black. I learned this

the hard way one dark night when I tried to use my flashlight locate a Black

Angus steer that had escaped our pen. All I could see when I shone the light

on the steer were two glowing eyes.

Getting back to the point; when light is absorbed by a black object, the energy

carried by the light doesn't just disappear. Rather, it raises the energy of

the object doing the absorbing. The object, in turn, releases the absorbed

energy by emitting longer wavelength, lower energy infrared (heat). This

transformation of light into heat is the key to understanding the process

because it accounts for the law of conservation of energy. Light just doesn't

disappear when it strikes a black object -- it's transformed into another kind

of radiation that is either radiated from or retained within the black


The darker the object, the better its emission of heat because it is a better

absorber of light.

I hope this helps, cheers!

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Black absorbs the most heat because it`s a darker color
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Black absorbs most heat - white deflects heat.
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Dark colors absorb heat more than light colors, so avoiding the most heat in the Summer, it's better wear the light ones.

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Dark colors, such as black and dark blue, absorb the most heat. If you look at what solar panels look like, you can understand this. They are mostly black or blue. I recently installed these and did not forget to buy Inverter chargers without which I probably do not see much sense in these panels. By the way, very good savings.

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