How Do I Write A Letter To A College Football Coach?


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To write a letter to a person of authority demands respect and formal way of writing.To write a letter to your college football coach;you can start with

Dear Coach,(if you know him and he recon's you)

Respected Coach,(if he doesn't know you at all)

Keep in mind that you have to place a comma after the word coach and move over to the next line at the point where you placed the comma and start the body of the letter.You have to be precise and to the point in the body of the letter and you should include the necessary details as briefly as  possible; all in a formal style. You have to write the letter so that the person addressed remains interested in the matter you are putting forward before him.This means you have to strictly stick to the subject of your letter.

You have to end the body of your letter in a tone of respect so whatever you wish the authoritative person addressed to act upon, ask it with a sentence starting with kindly or please.After you have put forward your request, pay you regards to the

I will be obliged.
I shall be thankful to you.

After that you have ,you have to end your letter properly.For this, give a complete space of one line and move over almost to the end of the next line where the body ended.e.g

end of body.
Space of one line.                                       
                                        Finishing Remarks
DATE of the letter          Remarks continuing

Your finishing remarks for your coach should be

Respectfully Yours'
Your name
Your Grade or Class with section
Sincerely Yours'
Obediently Yours'

Note:Do not forget the comma.
Note: Place the date of the letter in the line where you place your name.

This is the complete format in which you should write to your college football coach efficiently.

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