Why Did Robin Hood Steal From The Rich And Give To The Poor?


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"Because he witnessed how the rich were.
He felt as if they had more than what they needed."

"At the time there was little balance between different classes. The
lower and working classes were poor and often starving whilst the
upper, aristocratic classes were able to implement taxes to take money
from the poor.
Basically Robin Hood wanted to take money from
those who had no need for it and give it to those in dire need.
Although the moral of the story is not viable in modern welfare states
and should not be applied."

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Robin Hood did not "rob from the rich and give to the poor".  In the classic story Robin Hood robbed the tax collector and returned the money to the tax payer.  That makes Obama and his liberal band of Chicago thugs the modern day equivalent of Prince John, the Sheriff of Nottingham and the rest of that evil crew.

Unfortunately for those of us who work for a living., there is no modern day Robin Hood to help the poor taxpayer.
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Because king John took away all the money from the poor and keep it for himself
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Because the rich were his enemies and he felt like they had more than what they needed.

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He was in direct relation to the one and only hussein bobamba. Barry loved him enough to carry on his run with a band of thieves and steal from those who earn their keep, then give it to the slow, lazy, societal leech's.

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