What Are Examples Of Analogies?


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Happiness is to sadness as rainy is to sunny
soldier is to terrorist as fruits are to vegetables
ugly is to handsome as high is to low
boring is to fun as lazy is to active
generous is to selfish as teacher is to student

Antonym analogies are like these and it should always be opposite (for antonym analogies)
while there are other kinds like synonym and characteristic analogies
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Juliet uses an analogy when she says, "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" (2.2.43-44); her point is that Romeo's surname,"Montague," shouldn't matter. If a rose were called a "cabbage," it would still smell sweet; and even though Romeo's name is the name of her family enemy, he's still wonderful.
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The term analogy applies to the cognitive process involving the transference of information from a specific subject (that is the analogue or source) to some other subject (called the target), as well as to a linguistic expression which corresponds to this process. In the general sense of the term, an analogy would simply refer to a category of word problem which you will frequently find on standardized tests.

Typically on such tests, you will be given one pair of words along with a second pair, with one word missing. You would thus be required to think of (or in most cases simply choose from alternatives) a word which could appropriately complete the second pair.

To give you an example, a simple analogy would be 'quilt : warm :: sprinter : fast'. In this instance the relationship shared by these words is descriptive such that the second word will actually describes the first word.
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An analogy is the comparison between two things that are similar in some way. Examples of analogy are Book : Backpack:: (A) clothing : Dresser (B) china : Silver (C) documents : Portfolio (D) relic : Museum (E) research: Laboratory
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Passport is to document as

A.step is to scuffle
b.punch is to assault

which is the best answer a. Or b. That describes an analogy

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