I Need Cheers For My Team Cause I Want To Look Good Do You Have Any?


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Rosa Aziz answered

Woah baby woah! I said go (mascot)s go! Gonna win! Take all you other teams from under the chin! (That went downhill quickly!)

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My team does this cheer before every soccer game you can change the colour to your team-
were yellow were blue were going to beat you we got the power the speed that's all we need to kick but!!!Go team!
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We're the (mascot name) we're hot ooh we can't be stopped
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Its called stomp and scream from my cheer squad

stomp and scream for the cougar team!
Hannah sdgjtdhj'dghg-dfh Profile

Slam Dunk

Do the jerk

Let me see your body work

To the hoop (team name)

Shoot two (Team Name)

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Yes were backa nd better than before (team name team name) is here to beat then all.
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Here's a really neat one we do for my school (instead of saying Cardinals say your school mascot):

I said a woah baby, woah baby, woah baby woah. You've got to be a (Cardinal) or you've got to go!

And just repeat it.

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