What's The Best Program For Creating A Slideshow With Music (and A Couple Quotes Interspersed Between The Slides) To Publish To Web?


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There are quite a lot of various slideshow makers. I, for one, prefer using online ones since they offer many tools and you don't need to install it on your computer. Check this slideshow maker for the beginning. You can add your music here or choose it from their built-in collection. This is what you asked for.

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I would say the best online slideshow maker is definitely They pushed customization to its limit. You can add animated text effects to each slides which will give your slideshows real Hollywood looks. For music, they offer a wide choice of free music but you can also use your own music. Everything you build on Kizoa is flash-based so it then makes it really easy to share on the web: You can add Kizoa slideshows to your blog, your MySpace page, Facebook or Twitter.

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A very easy and simple way to make a photo album with slide show and back ground music is to make it on the slide roll website which is:

you can then embed it on your website to display .

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