How To Make A Handover Form?


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Handover forms are used in a variety of professions to help future employees understand what needs to be done in order to maintain performance in that job. They are made by employees who are leaving and are given to the employees who are starting their shift. There are several steps to follow when making a handover form and they are as follows:

  • Compile all of the information that the replacement will need

The replacement employee will need to know as much as possible about the new job and what it entails. This includes all the basic information on what they will need to do as well as all the appointments and dates they will need to be aware of, keys and passwords for entry into computers and internal systems and a list of contacts that they will be communicating with.

  • Organize the information adequately

Ideally you should look to compile all the information in chronological order if possible. Start with everything that you have already achieved over the course of your working day, this way no time is wasted doing what has already been done. Then follow this up with all the outstanding tasks that the employee receiving the handover form should look to complete during their shift.

  • Summarize clearly what needs to be done

Specify very clearly what needs to be accomplished during the next employees shift. Make sure that all of the very important work that must be completed is made crystal clear in the form.

For the most efficient form, use efficient formatting with acceptable fonts, colors and you may even wish to include tables, graphs and charts if you see fit.

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