How To Thread An Elna Sewing Machine?


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1. Raise the presser foot level, turning the flywheel towards you and raising the thread take-up level to the highest point.
2. Holding your spool of thread in place with the spool cap, make sure you are holding it down in a horizontal position. At this stage, the nick in the spool should be pointing to the right.
3. Move the thread over to the left and then click it into the silver loop. To the left of the loop you should be able to see an oval thread guide. Draw your thread around the guide.
4. When looking at the sewing machine, you should be able to see what resembles two cracks at each side. These are the tension discs. Moving from the guide, move the thread down through the right hand side crack and then up again through the left.
5. Once the thread reaches the top of the crack at the left you should be able to see the silver thread take-up level. Concentrate while passing the thread over from the right to the left side through the top part of the loop found at the bottom of the level.
6. Move the thread back down the left crack and pass it through the thick silver guide and then the thin silver guide at the bottom.
7. The needle now needs to be threaded from the front to the back.
8. Hold the bobbin spool above the case so that it resembles the shape of a letter P. While drawing the bobbin thread from the right to the left side through the crack in the case, pull it straight through to the back of the machine.
9. Turn the flywheel around once until the upper thread picks up the bobbin thread. Then close the bobbin cover.
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To thread the bobbin: Pop open the hatch below the feed dogs on the front of the machine.
You will see a small round metal bobbin capsule with a horizontal latch. Pull the latch towards you gently to pop the bobbin capsule out. When you have removed the bobbin capsule, turn it towards you and insert a loaded bobbin inside, with the thread unwinding in a counter-clockwise direction. Pull the end of the thread up and gently, bu firmly holding the thread taut, slide the thread into the slot at the top of the capsule until it slides through the slot and is threaded through the opening at the top of the capsule. It should run freely though this hole.

Take your spool of thread and place it on one of the thread spikes at the top right of the elna machine. Run the thread through the eye on top of the machine next to the thread spike. Then ]across the top of the machine and into the eye of the tension device that sticks out the top of the machine on that end. After pulling the thread into that loop so it comes out to the left, gently pull the thread down and under the lower end of the same metal piece (the thread will automatically snap into the wire bracket there) and up and into the eye of the metal loop immediately to the right of the previous part. This is vague, but it's the best I can describe it without diagrams or your manual there with you. Once the thread is looped into the metal bracket to the right (it bobs up and down as you turn the hand-wheel on the end of the machine, and looks like an odd-shaped eye of a needle). Then pull the thread down through the two metal loops leading down the face of the machine to the needle. At the top of the needle mechanism there are two wire loops. Feed the thread through one of these, and then into the eye of the needle itself.

To pull the bobbin thread to the top and start sewing, pull about 5 inches of extra thread through the needle, and then, gently holding the end of the thread, turn the hand wheel a few times. The top thread will then catch onto the bobbin thread and pull it up through the feed dog plate, Pull the top thread gently to bring the caught bobbin thread into reach, pull it until the end of the bobbin thread is out on top of the machine. You are then ready to sew!
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The elna lotus sp does NOT have a bobbin casing. Move the smaller plate back (the one located behind the foot) and place the bobbin flat inside the holder with the circular holes facing up. Take the string from the bobbin and place it in the only notch on the inside of structure holding the (on the outer metal ring touching the bobbin). Once you do this place your finger over the top of the notch where the string has been placed and bring it to your right( if you are facing the machine as if you were about to sew with it). Once you have enough to slide the smaller plate back into'll notice a little curved notch on the plate you have just moved that is supposed to serve as a guide for the bobbin string. As you pull it through using this notch it is supposed to snap into the tension spring automatically. To test to make sure that you did it right...slide the smaller plate back again and pull the string directly from the notched area that you inserted it at....if it comes out... It isn't in right. I hope this helps... I'll try to check back to see if this helps or if you need a better explanation. Best of luck. @(*^*)@
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I need to know how to thread a elna sewing machine

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