What Are Common Symbols In Literature?


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1. Dove: Peace
2. Ice: Death
3. Spring: Youth, birth, life
4. Water: Birth, rebirth
5. Winter: Death, dying, old age
6. Eagle: Freedom, liberty, strength
7. Skull: Death
8. Rose: Love, beauty
9. Crown: Wealth, royalty
10. Wedding ring: Love, commitment
11. Cross bones: Death, danger
12. Sunrise: New start, beginning
13. Full moon: Danger, weirdness
14. Autumn: Middle age, maturity
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There are many, wide and varied and some can even be seen in our own lives, such a rose symbolizes beauty and delicacy, an eagle stands for the freedom and liberties people are entitled to and a gravestone represents the death we are all destined for in the end. Oftentimes however, an author will use a less specific known symbol and you must clearly see how objects are used in relation to plot and characters to decipher, it is like a game.

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