What Are Some Superstitious About The Black Color?


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Some people do not like black color because they think that the black color have some magical effects. They relate the black color with magical incidents. Some people do not like black cat and relate it with bad luck. These all thins are superstitious. Some people do not wear black suit or shoes because it is the color of the cover of Khana Kaba. Black is only a color like other colors. Why we say these things only about black color? We say all these things because we are listening all these things from very early age.

We listen about these things from our elders who have listened from their elders. So a chain is coming from very old age and some people have very strong belief on these things. We should not believe on these things. Black color is a beautiful colour which suits everyone. We can wear this colour in every party and occasion. Black colour also gives a shape to body and hid the bad shape of body. That is why, designers suggest black colour to fat persons.

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