How Does The Colours Effect On Personality?


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Effect of colours on our personality means that the colours we like to wear or that colours which reflect our personality. Some people like to wear bright colours and some like to wear light colours. Through the colour combination and contrast we can judge the personality of someone. Through the colour combination we can judge that how much he or she knows about the effects of colours and how much he or she knows about the new trend or fashion. If someone wears bright colour it means that he feels freshness in himself.

If someone wears light colours it means that we wanted to keep him in some nice category. It is also count that you should choose the colours according to your age. Teen agers can use almost all the colours they suit and they like. But the old age people should take care of their choice in colours because it effects on personality. Anything which would be incorrect looks very bad. So it is necessary to take care in the selection of colours.

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