What Are Correspondence And Its Importance?


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Are you talking about the education incorrespondence. There are 30 meanings for Correspondence.
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Correspondence is the essential condition of our day-to-day life and the letter has become an effective means of communication between the two thinking minds and the two feelings, sentiments and emotions of the writer to the person addressed to. It will not be an exaggeration to say that a letter is essentially a fragment of one's personality because it bears the stamp of the writer's individually or the status of those on whose behalf it is written. Besides, a letter brings into focus the status of those to whom it is addressed. A letter that does not bear these qualities will be merely a note an insipid mane jotting.

Besides being personal affair, the letter today, holds the key to successful business. With the explosion of knowledge, the boundaries of trade and commerce have expanded beyond human expectations. The great development in trade and commerce has led to widespread network of communication media such as telephone and telex system. In spite of the most sophisticated communication media, communication by letters has not been overshadowed. In fact, successful trade and industry, commerce and business breathe in the letter-pads and files of business and commercial houses. It is said that a good letter is a master key that open locked doors.

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