How Are The Working Conditions For A Dancer?


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The job of a dancer is demanding, tiring, exhausting, back breaking and tough and it is a job which should be started off at a very young age when the stamina in a person is high enough. That is why many dancers stop performing after the age of thirty because of lack of stamina in them and then they become choreographers, dance teachers or directors.

However if a dancer is famous for his solo performance then he can continue his work for some more time because of his popularity. Dancers have to rehearse for hours and days till the get the steps right and they are required to move along in one sequence and coordination with the rest of the group dancers. The life of a dancer is spent mostly on roads, traveling from city to city and even countries to perform in different events.

They have to work at very late hours and some times do not even get proper rest and sleep. That is why the environment that they work in is supposed to be temperature controlled so that they do not get much exhausted.

Dancers have to face a lot of competition because there are so many of them and only those who are unique and talented can get good jobs.

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