How To Write Letter Affidavit Of Ownership Letter?


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An affidavit is a formal sworn statement of fact, signed by the declarant (who is called the ‘affiant’ or ‘deponent’) and witnessed (as to the veracity of the affiant's signature) by a taker of oaths, such as a notary public. An affidavit is written in the first person by the deponent, and is divided into numbered paragraphs. The affidavit header is a simple title at the top of the document stating the deponent's name or the affidavit raison d'être, like Affidavit of Jane Doe, Affidavit of Publication or Contract Affidavit. The first paragraph of an affidavit states the deponent's civil information, such as his or her full name, age, occupation, complete address of residence. Subsequent paragraphs constitute the deponent's core statement of facts, each paragraph being confined to a distinct affidavit fact, also called affidavit deed. An affidavit has to be signed by both the deponent and the person before whom it was sworn, the name of the signing person being legibly printed directly beneath the signature. An affidavit states the date it was sworn, and may reference any document, which becomes an exhibit of the affidavit and may or may not be attached. If attached, the affidavit exhibit is signed by the same person and dated the same date. In an ownership affidavit, the state and country are written. The wording is as follows: "Before me, the undersigned authority, personally appeared [INSERT NAME] hereinafter the Affiant, who being duly sworn by me, on oath, deposes and says: 1. Affiant is the fee owner of the property, which is the subject of the proposed hearing. 2. The subject property is legally described as [description]. 3. Affiant understands this affidavit is subject to the penalties of law for perjury and the possibility of voiding of any zoning granted at public hearing.” Space is left to write in the information and a witness must be present to sign the affidavit beside the affiant’s own signature.

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