How To Make The Face Painting Stencils?


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The painting on the face is very good for the youngsters specially the children and they love the face painting on their faces. If you make some painting stencils on your face then it is easy for you to make the face paintings. In order to make a face stencils on your face you need a craft knife, a piece of hard kind of plastic, you must have design in the form of hard copy with you. A board on which you can cut the things and a solution tape. So first you need draw a sketch on the child area so that you can easily pain the face. Just make complete sketch on the face of the child so that later on you can paint his or her face very easily.

So by using the stencils you can start painting the face of the children you make sure that when ever you start painting on someone mouth you should wash the stencils properly so that you can prevent the child to get any infection on his skin so you need to take proper care of your child in order to paint his face. So this is an easy way to paint the face with the use of the stencils.
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I had my students  draw a picture of a woman with a large head and a small body I used for eyes two  medal nuts for the eyes and a barbie doll head for the mouth what kind of art would this be called

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