Can You Discuss The Love Hate Relationship Of Giovanni And Beatrice? (The Rappaccini's Daughter)


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When Giovani started meeting Beatrice, he had passionate experience of love. He found her quite human and innocent. She was surely a pure girl, in search of a lover truly interested in her. He liked her talk. But, very soon he felt a strange smell coming from her mouth which gave him a feeling of faintness. Her behavior too was strange. She pressed her hand to her breast and said to the plant near the fountain that she had forgotten speaking to it. Thus there was some direct link between her and her plants which puzzled him. In his love passion he was forgetting the warning of Baglioni about the dangers from Rappaccini and her daughter. But he inwardly thought about them and did not know how to control himself. Love was now madness to him. And he went on meeting Beatrice.
It was again professor Baglioni who brought Giovanni to his senses. During his visit to his room he told him that Beatrice was a poisonous girl like the beautiful Indian woman who was sent to Alexander the Great to make love to him and kill him. Giovani accepted the medicine from Baglioni for the care of Beatrice because he still loved her and wanted to have he, perhaps as a wife. But he found that he himself had become highly poisonous as fresh flowers were drying up and insects were dying with his breath. He started hating Beatrice, even thought of killing her with his breath. This hatred went on developing, and he showed it in his last talk with her in which he blamed her for his poisonous condition.

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