Describe The Story "End Of Term" By Daiches.


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The writer remembers that most of his wishes during childhood remained unfulfilled. Yet his wish to have holidays did come true. He waited anxiously for the week ends then he could enjoy two full holidays. Thursday morning with the feeling of whole week-end lying ahead was full of joy.

Friday, being the last working day of the week brought a message of hope and festivity. Friday night was the best night of the week. Saturday night was also pleasant in its own way. But Sunday night was full of the threat of the Monday morning. Sometimes there were unexpected holidays or a half holiday to let the boys watch a football match or one day's skating holiday. There also used to be one annual mid-term holiday, a Monday off which made a luxuriously long weekend.

These short holidays could not be compared with the Christmas and Easter holidays. But the real holidays were the summer holidays, the two month vacation. He longed and waited them the whole year. The writer says that most of his wishes were never fulfilled in his childhood. He longed for a tricycle and then a bicycle, but he was always disappointed. Many a time he wandered around ice cream barrows or sweet shops without a penny in his pocket. But the only desire which did come true every year was to have the long summer vacation.
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what was his general view of school life

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