What Are Horocruxes And How Many Horocruxes Are Made By Voldmort?


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Horcruxes are objects in which a wizard or a witch could store a part of their souls, with the objective to achieve immortality. This is a dangerous form of dark art. According to Dumbledore, Voldemort must have created seven horcruxes for himself.
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A horocrux is a piece of a (dark) wizard's soul that is chipped off of its whole when that wizard commits murder. Using an unknown spell, a wizard can take that fracture and place it into another vessel. The result being that if the main vessel (the human body) is destroyed, the soul can take residence in its horocrux and thus avoiding slipping into the void.

One can return a fracture of the soul by feeling remorse for the murder commited.

Dumbledore guessed, and as we learn later in the story, that Voldmort made 7 horocruxes because 7 is, magically, the most powerful magical number. The first was Voldmort's actual body, the second was Tom Riddle's Diary (Book 2 has the story, but it is revealed to be a horocrux in book 6). Slytherin's locket was the third (book 6, then later in book 7) Hufflepuff's cup (book 7) is 4. The ring, later to be revealed as the resurection stone, is the 5 (book 6 and 7). Ravenclaw's diadem (crown) was the 6th (book 7). The Snake Nagini (book 7) was the last horocrux that Voldmort severely made.

Unknown to voldmort, the night he tried to kill Harry, when his curse rebounded on himself, it chipped his soul (making the 8th horocrux) and attached itself to harry giving him his scar, ability to speak parcel tongue(book 2), and the connection to Voldmort (book 5). By creating this 8th horocrux, voldmort rendered his soul even more unstable, thus making him weaker when he returns to his body.

The diary was stabbed with a basilisk tooth (venom does the job) (book 2)
ring was cut in half by Gryffindor's Sword (covered in basilisk venom) (book 6)
Locket was also stabbed by the sword(book 7)
The cup was stabbed with a basilisk fang recovered from the Chamber (book 7)
Diadem was destroyed by Fiendfyre, a powerful spell that is capable of destroying horocruxes... Along with everything else. (book 7)
The piece that was in harry was killed when voldmort "killed" him in the 7th book, but in reality, by having harry's blood in his body, voldmort's soul took the hit, while harry's blood kept harry alive.
The snake was decapitated by the sword (book 7)
The final piece of voldmort's soul was in his body, thus when he was killed in his last duel with Harry, the last bit of his severely diminished soul was finally free to enter the void. (end of book 7)
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Horcruxes in HP's parallel universe could only be made by committing murder and involve ripping part of the murderers soul out and depositing it in some other person or object. The result of this is that if the murderer is killed while a horcrux is still in existence, he can come to life again using the part of himself still left in the Horcrux.

Ripping ones soul in bits is an exceedingly dangerous undertaking for the murderer, and apparently no-one before Voldemort had ever tried to make as many as six horcruxes before.

The only way that a murderer can recover from what he has done is by feeling genuine remorse for his wickedness. It is not uncommon for the person to go mad under the pressure of such remorse.

It is very difficult to destroy horcruxes. Two of the very few things which will do the trick are basilisk venom and fiendfyre. The sword of Gryffindor worked on the locket of Slytherin, Marvolo Gaunt's ring and the snake, Nagini, because it had already been impregnated with basilik venom when Harry killed the basilisk with it in the Chamber of Secrets. Ron and Hermione used basilisk venom from teeth recovered from the Chamber on the cup of Hufflepuff. The diadem of Ravenclaw was destroyed by Fiendfyre cast by Crabbe and Harry himself was initially dispatched and separated from the part of Voldemort which indwelt him by the Elder Wand, wielded by Voldemort himself.

This meant that when Harry finally disarmed Voldemort, causing his killing curse directed at Harry to rebound upon himself, that there were no horcruxes left and no hope of Voldemort returning to life again.
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Horcruxes are the things or possessions of others in which a wizard is supposed to pour a part of his soul and when it dies, it can come alive by using it but it can be destroyed by others. Voldmort had seven Horcruxes it killed his self seven times and poured his soul into seven things but nobody knew that but only one wizard who told him about the Horcruxes.

He was a teacher at Hogwarts named professor Slug Horn he was a potion teacher Voldmort possessed him and asked him about Horcruxes then he tried to make him his follower but Slug Horn refused to follow and Professor Dumbledore knew about all that Professor Slug Horn has told him about Horcruxes but he refused that he has not told him about them then Dumbledore asked Harry to ask Slug Horn about them and Harry succeeded to get information about them and he told Dumbledore all the stuff then he saw the memory of Tom Marvolo Riddle and now he had to do some guess work that what are HIS Horcruxes?

He stole Salazar Slytherin's locket then he stole a cup of Roena Reven Claw, he had his body, he had a riddle's dairy, he possessed Socurer's stone. Now the sixth and seventh Horcruxes are not so cleared one can be Godric Griffindore's some possession and other can be Huffle Puff's possession.
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Horocruxes are soul carries. Voldmort uses horocruxes as a why to keep himself a live. Thats why he never died because he has no soul left. If you read or watch the halfblood prince it says that you can died if you try to split your soul once, but voldmort as I remeber did it seven times. So to kill voldmort you would have to find a way to destroy the Horocuxes which is from  from an easy task. You have destroy each in a diffrent way. In the half blood prince the book is a horocruxes which harry destroys. But the catch to why voldmort was never really killed harry when he had the chance and yes he had plenty was because the day he tryed to kill harry a part of his soul went into him so futher more he would be kiling a part of his soul

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